Yes, a hole had to be dug. Here my son is standing in the almost finished excavation for scale only. He says he remembers helping. I remember otherwise.
A concrete saw made quick work of the 12" poured foundation wall. The cost was reasonable. I told my wife we needed a bigger window here anyway.
Brand new "shorty" gear legs for that really short prop. The engine installation was complete and ready for gas and oil at this point. I could have tried an engine start in the basement but the prop didn't have a lot of clearance: )
LEFT: A simple ramp and that brand new larger window. It's about 60 inches square. I just foamed it in place. You just never know when you might have to take it out again

RIGHT: The proud papa making sure it isn't a breech birth.

Its ........ an  airplane. Total procedure was over in about 5 minutes. The wings were just passed through the hole by hand. 
And traffic stopped!! I was most concerned that we would cause an accident. I'm on the far side of the fuselage, ready to throw my body in front of any car getting to close.
Off to the airport. We moved all the bits and pieces and my entire workshop in one move in the back of a 45' trailer. My dad, barely visible at the right, drives for a frozen food distribution company. Yes, if you look really carefully, I do have more gray (white?) hair than my father.

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