The "work" environment. Or maybe the "fun"  environment. The panel was built ignoring current wisdom. I installed a split master switch and reset capable circuit breakers. All switched loads are on CB toggles. I have a radio master as well just for convenience. The alternate electrical bus is activated with the toggle switch under the red switch guard on the centre console. The four red T handles are the parking brake, alternate vacuum, alternate air and heat select.
The electronic CO detector fits nicely on the baggage compartment bulkhead. The fire extinguisher mounting bracket has been tested to a 40g load. There is extra structural components behind the bulkhead.
The stainless steel heel plate is visible on the floor. I found my heels were hanging up on the carpet when I worked the rudder pedals. The velcro covered stalk in between the seats is for a small clipboard and approach plates. It swivels and doubles as an in flight tray table.

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