My RV-6

Since 1990 I have been involved in building and flying a Van's Aircraft RV-6. This has been one of the most satisfying endeavors that I have ever been involved in. My little airplane has taken me places and allowed me to see sights that most people can only dream about. You can view an online video of a long trip I took with my daughter. I have met many really great people and have made lots of new friends. 

I sold this aircraft in May 2001. I'm building again and still actively flying a friends RV-6.

I have experimented with vortex generators and you can see the results here.

This is my pride and joy. It  took six and a half long years to build. Since its first flight in April 97, I have flown over 900 hours and taken over 275 different passengers for a ride.  I only fly on days that end in "Y". I am a good avgas customer for our local FBO. More pictures here.

Grass strips aren't a problem. Here the low evening sun makes the paint glow. The low wheel pants haven't been a problem yet. I do exercise caution and avoid really rough strips.  More pictures here.

A full panel. I prefer analog displays, so I went for as many "needle" instruments as possible. As well the instruments are a mixture of mechanical, electrical and vacuum powered. More pictures and a shot of the carbon monoxide detector here.

I wanted to improve the tail wheel steering springs. So I designed a spring loaded affair with rod end bearings fore and aft. Less drag and it gives good feel during taxiing. Plus, I have the only one. That's very important to us homebuilder types. Landing light and more pictures of the steering link here.

The thing that makes all the noise and makes it go so fast is mounted on the front. Most parts were powder coated or cad  plated. All hoses are fire sleeved and no tie wraps anywhere. Everything has worked flawlessly.

Part of the reason that I was able to finish this project at all was the fact that I built it in my basement. That made a "birth of an airplane" necessary. Here the exit hole is 60" dilated.          More pictures here.

What its all about!! Somewhere over Southern Ontario on a Saturday morning searching for that $100 breakfast. A common misconception is that these airplanes are cheap to operate. My costs are similar to that of certified aircraft. Of course I can do my own maintenance, which is a help. More pictures here.



Performance and Specs

Lycoming engine, 180 hp with fuel injection
Hartzell constant speed propeller
Leather interior with full IFR panel and oxygen system

169kts at 75 power and 8000' (194mph)
9.4 US gallons/hour at cruise with 4 hour range

Awarded "Outstanding Workmanship" at Oshkosh 98

Since you can only go to so many fly in breakfasts, I have been setting World Speed Records for "speed over a recognized course" and National Records for "altitude" and "climb to altitude".

As well you can read about a trip I made to the Arctic with my daughter here. A video of the whole adventure can viewed online.

This machine is so much fun to fly it must either be a sin or illegal.  Probably both!!


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Updated on July 06, 2008